The Strange Woman

On our main business line we would get occasional calls from someone we came to know as "the Strange Woman".

We would answer the phone and a woman would start talking, often unintelligibly, sometimes quite disturbingly. Sometimes she wouldn't say anything, but we'd know it was her through the caller ID.

She was obviously mentally disturbed, and we suspected the calls would come in either when her meds weren't working, or perhaps when the attendants weren't paying attention and she was able to get to the phone.

Unfortunately we didn't start logging her calls until quite late in the piece, and we haven't heard from her in quite a while.

2010-04-29 - After an absence of just under 10 years we received another call!

== Undated

Peter something or other borrowed $2.00 from her - he said it was to buy
insulin - he paid it back 2 days later - he's a raving homosexual...

== Mon May 10 18:24:12 EST 1999

Two calls today.
First one she was unintelligible {sic}
Second call was something about the guy is being violent, he's trying
to give us syphilis -- he's a homosexual...

== Mon May 10 19:31:21 EST 1999

Third Phone Call today.
She said that she was going to report me to interpol...
She said that they were going to have me shot.

== Fri May 21 20:17:10 EST 1999

Mary is out there raping the animals...
People are being frighten by the homosexuals.

== Sun May 23 14:16:57 EST 1999

Mr. Mac or Mc something-or-other is raping people in public housing.
He's got a terrible leprosy problem.

== Thu May 27 10:42:00 EST 1999

Mr. Hawkins Pharmacy.... Their phone number is....

== Thu May 27 17:01:33 EST 1999  crd

Have you heard of Vikki Robyns ?  It's a well known name...
she's from Coburg...
And there's another one... Vikki Ryall.  There's some kind of personality
conflict.  I think one's a man and the other's a woman...

== Fri May 28 16:23:40 EST 1999

I have a number for you... 02 ......  it was a telephone number...

== Fri Jun  4 17:25:51 EST 1999  crd

They shot Mary... at the Alfred...  the Croation did... Richard the
Croation...  whilst she was having a fit...

== Mon Jun  7 17:26:33 EST 1999  crd

Its a typhoid outbreak... it's caused by not being clean...

== Sun Jun 13 10:12:12 EST 1999  crd


== Tue Jun 15 13:06:19 EST 1999  crd

<quietly> yes. >hangup<

== Mon Jun 21 17:35:32 EST 1999  smh

[something] Rosemary Joyce [something].... <hangup>

== Sun Jul  4 16:56:19 EST 1999

Mary - She's got rabies.  She Fucked this Alsation in Public Housing.  She's
got rabies.
[This is Mary is it?]
Yes that's right.  She's got rabies.
-- Side note:  If there are Alsations in Public Housing with rabies,
Australia could be in trouble...

== Sun Jul  4 17:22:58 EST 1999

Calmans.  She's been bashing buildings down by the local police station.
: I think this could be some sort of secret 'Code Language'

== Fri Jul  9 18:15:14 EST 1999

:She said nothing...

== Fri Jul 16 12:15:32 EST 1999  crd


== Fri Jul 16 17:47:33 EST 1999

Ken Target did have a woman in Croatia.

July 7th she did not make a Withdraw for $2.00 from the ATM (she seemed
adamant about this fact and I tend to agree with her, not many ATM's dispense
$2.00 coins.  She could be on to something ;-).

== Sat Jul 17 17:57:57 EST 1999

Some phone number in Bendigo [1 08 ...]
Something about Prince Charles being catapulted someplace.

== Sat Jul 17 18:20:12 EST 1999

Something about Sangria.  The medication must be strong today ;-)

== Sun Jul 18 15:14:39 EST 1999

Someone named Lionel Long something.
Elvis was a 'list'.  something about Mark Anthony and Shakespeare and 
"his penis gave her VD".

== Thu Jul 22 17:58:05 1999 crd

[mumble, mumble, then...] 0412262450 AAPT, 92096597 Telstra
Communications, the yellow one, on Russel St. ?

== Sun Jul 25 21:09:28 1999 smh

[mumble, mumble hangup]

== Mon Jul 26 13:43:54 1999 crd

[gibberish, hangup]

== Mon Jul 26 13:53:11 1999 crd

"yes get hat on" [or something that sounded like that]

== Tue Jul 27 13:03:01 1999 smh

"Lister" [ I think that's what she said ]

== Tue Jul 27 18:35:33 1999 smh

Said nothing but there was loud music playing in the background.... sounded
like Jimmy Hendrix...

== Wed Jul 28 15:34:19 1999 smh

Brian's Vickie [mumble... hangup]

== Thu Jul 29 17:11:02 1999 999

The Red Cross Blood Bank... the Blue Cross, and the other one.
...'s been in love with Jeff Kennett all their life in another lifetime
She's answering on Centerlink!

== Sat Jul 31 16:01:01 1999 smh

[She is talking to someone else in the room... couldn't understand what was
being said]

== Wed Aug  4 10:33:07 1999 smh

9347 xxxx Carlton... mumble mumble mumble.

== Fri Aug 13 10:57:42 1999 smh

Craig is having problems, the same problems as Vickie Ryels was having 
with her family about her VD. 

== Sat Sep 11 17:04:31 1999 smh

mumbling but nothing actually said.

== Sat Sep 11 17:16:10 1999 smh

The police outside have leprosy.

== Mon Sep 13 18:57:46 1999 smh


== Tue Sep 14 11:20:50 1999 999

== Sat Sep 18 18:59:19 1999 smh

mumble -- ambiant sound: very loud TV in the background.

== Wed Oct 13 11:07:51 1999 999

Hello, do you know that leopold sleuth ? He might be in ? Park, talking
to Fredrick Hocking

[sounding quite bright and together this morning]

== Wed Nov  3 17:15:01 1999 smh

[mumble nothing intelligible]

== Mon Nov 15 09:28:07 1999 smh

Are we going to [????] today?  Mary said that she and Sara Fergison...
mumble mumble mumble
something about a transsexual.

== Tue Nov 16 11:38:37 1999 smh

mumble mumble.
The bastards at the bureau, I sent them a letter. 
[The bureau]
They have VD.  The cull de sac homosexuals have VD.
[cull de sac?]
Yes. {spelling} K no C U L L  D E  S A C.  They're homosexuals.
Mary has diabetes.  She's off her medicine.  It's insulin you know.
She's been beating people up.
mumble mumble mumble.

== Wed Dec  8 15:35:41 1999 smh

Angela has AIDS.
The number 650..
She's been with Atilla the 6000

== Wed Jan 19 16:52:05 2000 smh

Robert Lindsey with a broom sweeping the flood up.

== Fri Jan 21 17:08:36 2000 smh

Hari chrishnas have been bashing us.

== Tue Mar 28 16:45:58 2000 smh

Q: Can you complain about street kids?
A: Yes.  Of course you can.
There are street kids.  She's had multiple sexual partners and she's
just a teenager (I'm thinking... where is this?)... The Priest drops
them off.

== Sun Jul  9 12:50:05 EST 2000

<noisy background, like a common room or something>
"Greg was Ian Sharrick, Jim as Johnny Farnham and Bill was Frank
Olfield" <click>

== Wed Apr 28 14:31:53 EST 2010 smh

She calls again!
Mumbling about something or other and that she was "sorry".
I asked her how Mary was doing in the public housing, she replied
"alright I suppose".
She seemed rather lucid, I think they've changed her meds...