Cat Stew - Tue, 15 Aug 2001

...so I was cooking a huge pot of fish/rice stew (a Chinese/Malay dish Mum makes sometimes, called 'bouy', but not something I've ever cooked) when Whisper jumped up on the kitchen bench (something she never does in real life) and stared intensely into the pot. I shoo'd her off the bench, and turned to do something at the sink.

When I turned back, Whisper had jumped back onto the bench and _into_ the pot. She was standing there, entirely covered except for her head (like I said it was a _huge_ pot), calmly lapping at the fish stew. I guess it can't have been that hot. I shouted at her, then picked her up and threw her outside.

Then I remember thinking 'shit, now I have to throw out the whole pot... ... ... ... Nah, bugger it, it'll be ok...'